We draft cohabitation agreements for people who live together or co-own property. These agreements clarify the rights and responsibilities of each party in the relationship. These agreements are for couples who choose to live together without marriage and for those who choose to live with a roommate with whom they are sharing expenses or co-owning assets.

Domestic Partnership and Marital Prenuptial Agreements

We create prenuptial agreements for couples about to be married or who are going to register as domestic partners. These agreements clarify property ownership during the relationship whether there will be community property during the marriage, and the division of assets should there be a divorce. We also help establish the limits or waivers on future spousal support should separation occur.

Post-Marital Agreements

Once a couple is married, they may decide that they want to change how they hold their property. They may want to transmute separate property to community property, divide community property into each party's separate property, or terminate the parties' future accumulation of community property. We help parties who are already married create agreements to clarify how they want hold their property during their marriage.

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